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Laura Kirkpatrick497 viewsPhoto: Scot Woodman4 comments05/10/11 at 01:32modelmeover: "Well if this is her best shot I would just h...
Laura Kirkpatrick703 viewsPhoto: Alicia Calton7 comments05/10/11 at 01:31modelmeover: She's found her niche
Norelle Van Herk649 viewsPhoto: Chaz Curry
For: Goat Boutique
2 comments05/10/11 at 01:30modelmeover: Thanks Stam
Yaya DaCosta Johnson555 viewsPhoto: Ben Goldstein
For: Esquire Magazine, June/July 2010
4 comments05/10/11 at 01:27modelmeover: She just has the sickest body ever
Magdalena Rivas657 views2 comments05/10/11 at 01:25modelmeover: From the thumbnail it looks high fashion but close...
Nnenna Agba2178 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker
For: OP Swimwear
15 comments05/10/11 at 01:22modelmeover: Her and her stupid smile. She was hilarious but ev...
Katarzyna Dolinska14864 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks337 comments05/10/11 at 01:19modelmeover: The only thing that's bad is the posed arms.
CariDee English20166 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks136 comments05/10/11 at 01:14modelmeover: The way she positioned her hands and her head make...
Anchal Joseph7311 viewsPhoto: Randee St. Nicholas37 comments05/10/11 at 01:12modelmeover: I'm not surprised she gained weight on the sh...
Michelle Babin10967 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne96 comments05/10/11 at 01:07modelmeover: She had SOOOO MUCH POTENTIAL! What's up with ...
Michelle Babin9328 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks43 comments05/10/11 at 01:06modelmeover: She looks like a canibal and I love this shot.
Michelle Babin5424 views21 comments05/10/11 at 01:04modelmeover: It's not timid it's vulnerable. I think ...
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