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Brooke Miller6799 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal26 comments09/03/10 at 20:04Toucan-ac: it's good. I found Brooke quite average.
Sara Racey-Tabrizi9147 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker37 comments09/03/10 at 19:56Toucan-ac: 5th best.. face is the only thing i'm not lov...
Angelea Preston7038 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks156 comments09/02/10 at 21:43Toucan-ac: Forgettable. 3rd best Neutral
April Wilkner9381 viewsPhoto: Andrew Eccles43 comments09/02/10 at 11:32Toucan-ac: worst of the week, but it's still quite good
Tatiana Dante4783 viewsPhoto: Mathu Anderson30 comments09/02/10 at 11:31Toucan-ac: i also think it's just average. kind of broin...
Heather Kuzmich14429 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker101 comments09/02/10 at 11:27Toucan-ac: I didn't like this photoshoot very much, but ...
Jade Cole9983 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne55 comments09/02/10 at 10:33Toucan-ac: absolutely amazing. Her and Danielle were the best...
Xiomara Frans7540 viewsPhoto: Andrew Eccles57 comments09/01/10 at 20:22Toucan-ac: I think this could be a cover.. although i think i...
Cycle Thirteen Group4344 viewsKara Vincent, Brittany Markert, Laura Kirkpatrick

For: Seventeen Magazine
61 comments08/31/10 at 08:33Toucan-ac: i actualy dont mind Brittany's hair like that...
Brooke Miller7211 viewsPhoto: Charlie Altuna50 comments08/31/10 at 08:29Toucan-ac: third best! i hated this photoshoot though.
Jenah Doucette15215 viewsPhoto: Trevor O'Shana64 comments08/28/10 at 15:57Toucan-ac: i hated this photoshoot but i like this alot.
Sandra Nyanchoka6235 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker63 comments08/27/10 at 20:12Toucan-ac: i like it, but i notice everybody else first.
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