Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Anya Kop2008 viewsPhoto: Sandra Weimar
For: Faces Magazine
12 comments08/23/09 at 18:5712shadesofpurple: ^^^^^I didn't know that! I'll have to watc...
Saleisha Stowers9419 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith90 comments08/22/09 at 17:1212shadesofpurple: I think she had a really good idea in this photo, ...
Megg Morales1851 viewsPhoto: Powers and Crewe Photography
For: Dennis Basso
9 comments08/22/09 at 16:4412shadesofpurple: I love these shots of her, but I do hope the fur i...
Megan Morris4553 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne55 comments08/22/09 at 15:0012shadesofpurple: It doesn't amaze me, but this wasn't the w...
Lisa D'Amato1704 viewsPhoto: Ama Lea
For: Invasion Magazine
18 comments08/21/09 at 17:0912shadesofpurple: iluvantm: have you seen her ace of spades music vi...
Nicole Linkletter1643 views10 comments08/20/09 at 15:5012shadesofpurple: Cathy? You mean Catie? Very Happy
Lluvy Gomez10017 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne72 comments08/19/09 at 20:1712shadesofpurple: I would have liked to see it with much better make...
Noelle Staggers5295 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne42 comments08/19/09 at 20:0812shadesofpurple: Bah, I'm a leo. Why couldn't almost anyone...
Brittany Brower8698 viewsPhoto: Delaney & Gitte29 comments08/19/09 at 19:3912shadesofpurple: She was called higher than it looked like. If you ...
Whitney Thompson9548 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker
For: Seventeen, July 2008
34 comments08/18/09 at 14:4912shadesofpurple: Isn't she a size 10? I would think she wouldn&...
Lisa D'Amato429 views6 comments08/18/09 at 14:2012shadesofpurple: This is from her music video Ace of Spades, isn...
Keenyah Hill3015 viewsPhoto: Sterling Photography54 comments08/17/09 at 19:5212shadesofpurple: BLECH.
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