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London Levi5801 viewsPhoto: Michael J. Laudini
For: Playboy, October 2009
236 comments09/14/09 at 15:16bdon17: am i the only one that is laughing by the fact tha...
Teyona Anderson10494 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker88 comments09/01/09 at 21:15bdon17: i bet if a white girl wins next cycle, she will ba...
Samantha Potter14274 views120 comments09/01/09 at 09:44bdon17: SAM DESERVED FINAL 2! ANANLEIGH FANS GET OVER IT! ...
Lisa Ramos1654 views20 comments08/23/09 at 10:38bdon17: i see tahnee too. you didn't even have to say ...
Kahlen Rondot19903 viewsPhoto: Johann Wolf104 comments07/14/09 at 22:16bdon17: best shot in ANTM history
Michelle Deighton378 views1 comments07/14/09 at 22:12bdon17: she looks like Rebecca Epley right here.
Victoria Marshman8434 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith93 comments06/27/09 at 20:03bdon17: I felt like a sea nymph on acid scaling the wall i...
Teyona Anderson13402 viewsPhoto: Jim De Yonker172 comments05/15/09 at 18:22bdon17: its a miracle how her forehead is so much smaller ...
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