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CariDee English668 viewsPhoto: Manny Roman5 comments02/15/10 at 23:11Mari: Love the retro vibe
Wendy Wiltz237 views2 comments01/24/10 at 17:52Mari: Giiiiiiirrrrrl. This is gorgeous!
Jennifer An1309 viewsPhoto: Laura Kicey22 comments12/29/09 at 22:57Mari: Stunning. This is great.
Jaslene Gonzalez1492 viewsFor: American Salon9 comments12/26/09 at 02:04Mari: This is an awful, awful, AWFUL shot Neutral I thought s...
Sheena Sakai883 viewsPhoto: Manny Roman9 comments12/25/09 at 10:42Mari: ^^I KNOW RIGHT?!? "Just go away you can die o...
Allison Harvard1259 viewsFor: Karmaloop.com4 comments12/25/09 at 05:48Mari: ^No, she kept her makeover. These would be pre-sho...
Sheena Sakai959 viewsPhoto: Manny Roman5 comments12/07/09 at 02:41Mari: These two shots are also by Manny Roman, by the wa...
Sheena Sakai1520 viewsPhoto: Jason Setiawan28 comments12/02/09 at 23:47Mari: How the hell is this hooch?!? Crazy people.
CariDee English1905 viewsPhoto: Johnny Rodriguez
For: Heart on My Sleeve by Aubrey O'Day
7 comments11/25/09 at 08:51Mari: That shirt. Must buy.
Jennifer An9344 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks176 comments11/21/09 at 10:21Mari: @Spyers: Meanwhile, do you have a problem with Nic...
Jennifer An1453 viewsPhoto: Amanda Stevenson
For: Knitscene Magazine
15 comments11/19/09 at 02:22Mari: These are all pre-show btw.
Jennifer An1172 viewsPhoto: Amanda Stevenson
For: Knitscene Magazine
8 comments11/19/09 at 02:18Mari: She's Korean.
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