Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Whitney Thompson477 viewsFor: Faith 212 comments01/02/10 at 01:25silverspoon: This hair colour really suits her more than the bl...
Whitney Thompson3664 viewsFor: Supermodels Unlimited, September/October 200846 comments01/02/10 at 01:21silverspoon: I think she looks gorgeous in this photo but she n...
Whitney Thompson10979 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker
For: Seventeen, July 2008
140 comments01/02/10 at 01:17silverspoon: She's obviously bigger than most models but i ...
Nicole Fox5946 viewsPhoto: Gilles Bensimon
For: Seventeen Magazine, February 2010
106 comments12/31/09 at 14:41silverspoon: It looks very cute and she looks about 17 as well.
Rae Weisz1224 views12 comments12/27/09 at 19:01silverspoon: What are you talking about? how does she need to w...
Yoanna House624 views4 comments12/27/09 at 18:50silverspoon: her face looks so gaunt
Laura Kirkpatrick1328 viewsPhoto: Anubis Photography24 comments12/26/09 at 00:48silverspoon: this could be improved with some editing actually
Nicole Linkletter951 viewsPhoto: Rhys Frampton
For: Country & Townhouse Magazine, December 2009
7 comments12/23/09 at 19:20silverspoon: Since when have her arms been fat? O_O
Sundai Love1851 views37 comments12/21/09 at 17:15silverspoon: She looks like a scene kid in these photos.
Natasha Galkina2345 views4 comments12/21/09 at 14:20silverspoon: wow she's lost so much weight
Jayla Rubinelli398 viewsPhoto: Debbi Rotkowitz5 comments12/21/09 at 14:12silverspoon: I love that hair on her
Fo Porter650 viewsFor: Windsor Fashions12 comments12/21/09 at 14:10silverspoon: She looks so cute
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