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Alasia Ballard6714 views112 comments04/23/10 at 00:26Niiiiick: I'm not too crazy about it. The lighting is no...
Krista White8569 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz136 comments04/20/10 at 01:10Niiiiick: Celia didn't look old. Bleach anyone's eye...
Courtney Davies662 viewsPhoto: Elizabeth Stoyanov9 comments04/20/10 at 00:58Niiiiick: Love this one. It could be cropped a little higher...
Elyse Sewell880 viewsFor: Harper's Bazaar Hong Kong, January 20064 comments04/19/10 at 01:13Niiiiick: ^It's still a good shot. Elyse is not the only...
Raina Hein2885 viewsPhoto: Chris Eckert
For: Seventeen Magazine, May 2010
24 comments04/19/10 at 01:11Niiiiick: I can't seem to love her as much as everyone e...
Brenda Arens2062 viewsPhoto: Chris Eckert
For: Seventeen Magazine, May 2010
16 comments04/19/10 at 01:10Niiiiick: I don't really like it, but that kind of pseud...
Ann Markley655 views3 comments04/19/10 at 01:07Niiiiick: Beautiful body. I dunno how I feel about the tan.
Ann Markley789 views4 comments04/19/10 at 01:06Niiiiick: She's got an amazing swimsuit/lingerie body.
Ann Markley1293 views10 comments04/19/10 at 01:05Niiiiick: This one is crazy beautiful. I wish she wasn't...
Whitney Thompson582 viewsFor: Faith 215 comments04/17/10 at 07:32Niiiiick: ^It's like 4 or 5 big, lusterless link chains....
Krista White8569 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz136 comments04/17/10 at 02:30Niiiiick: Actually I think she's 24.
Bre Scullark753 viewsPhoto: Joy Photography9 comments04/17/10 at 02:25Niiiiick: She's always been so pedestrian to me. Pretty,...
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