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Raina Hein8898 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks181 comments05/06/10 at 10:54Niiiiick: It's probably one of the most interesting shot...
Erin Wagner1117 viewsPhoto: Mireya Acierto10 comments05/05/10 at 12:16Niiiiick: I don't see it.
Ren Vokes680 viewsFor: Odylyne1 comments05/02/10 at 10:27Niiiiick: She has such a beautiful face.
Yoanna House1328 viewsPhoto: King Paul17 comments05/02/10 at 10:24Niiiiick: ^Yoanna and Whitney are from Jacksonville, I think...
Angelea Preston6601 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker124 comments04/30/10 at 05:22Niiiiick: Stacy Ann also won her go-see challenge. Not a who...
Krista White 7301 viewsPhoto: Cade Martin82 comments04/29/10 at 12:47Niiiiick: ^^^That's kind of why I think this photoshoot ...
Raina Hein1693 viewsPhoto: Filipe Marques19 comments04/28/10 at 23:53Niiiiick: ^It's just that she has no curvature to her bo...
Raina Hein1318 viewsPhoto: Filipe Marques15 comments04/28/10 at 23:51Niiiiick: Hm, she actually pulls off no eyebrows really well...
Raina Hein1586 viewsPhoto: Alena Demidova14 comments04/28/10 at 23:45Niiiiick: Her look here is very...Degrassi.
Heather Kuzmich1189 viewsFor: Qvest Magazine12 comments04/25/10 at 18:24Niiiiick: A little bit of Anya?
Heather Kuzmich1356 viewsFor: Qvest Magazine21 comments04/25/10 at 18:23Niiiiick: Gorgeous. Her look is very modelesque.
Heather Kuzmich1760 viewsPhoto: Victor Skrebneski
For: Today's Chicago Woman Magazine
12 comments04/25/10 at 18:22Niiiiick: A little bit of overstyling and inconsistent retou...
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