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Clark Gilmer10126 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal126 comments05/10/09 at 20:22ASKD: she looks really arrogant in this shot, plus in th...
Analeigh Tipton35061 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks228 comments05/10/09 at 20:20ASKD: stunning Smile
Fatima Siad2041 viewsPhoto: Ron Contarsy
For: Profil Femme Magazine, April 2009
11 comments05/10/09 at 20:16ASKD: The hair is awful, again she has tension around he...
Fatima Siad2178 viewsPhoto: Ron Contarsy
For: Profil Femme Magazine, April 2009
9 comments05/10/09 at 20:15ASKD: This shot isn't that bad, I dont love or hate ...
Allison Harvard9492 viewsPhoto: Daniel L. Williams26 comments05/09/09 at 00:18ASKD: Allison's great grandfather back in the 50'...
Allison Harvard23177 viewsPhoto: Fadil Berisha149 comments05/08/09 at 23:24ASKD: gosh I cant get over how ugly that "ghetto&qu...
Allison Harvard19723 views73 comments04/14/09 at 01:02ASKD: Her bone structure is reall good in this, as well ...
Allison Harvard25564 viewsPhoto: Keith Major240 comments04/14/09 at 01:00ASKD: ABSOLOUTLY Love this picture, no negatives Very Happy
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