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Last comments - Sasha
Chris White4913 viewsPhoto: Jessica Brooks63 comments09/05/10 at 13:55Sasha: Eugeni (Cycle 7), soo ghetto
Cassandra Watson5827 viewsPhoto: Joseph Cultice46 comments08/23/10 at 17:04Sasha: Get the sugar mother f*ck
Leslie Mancia4945 viewsPhoto: Pascal Demeester48 comments08/19/10 at 20:02Sasha: The hand scares me so much
Ren Vokes5112 viewsPhoto: Cade Martin115 comments07/30/10 at 16:40Sasha: The arms are so bad
Ashley Howard5673 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks134 comments07/26/10 at 18:55Sasha: holy..
Bianca Richardson5100 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks100 comments07/26/10 at 18:53Sasha: Finally go home
Lulu Braithwaite4461 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion110 comments07/26/10 at 18:51Sasha: She's deserved to go home n,n
Lulu Braithwaite4845 viewsPhoto: Jerry Mettellus77 comments07/26/10 at 18:49Sasha: she's dreaming here
Rachel Echelberger5679 viewsPhoto: Baldomero Fernandez135 comments07/26/10 at 18:46Sasha: Weird pose! รด.o
Nik Pace10005 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker52 comments01/06/10 at 15:18Sasha: she looks fat
Bre Scullark6560 viewsPhoto: Kate Martin53 comments01/06/10 at 15:16Sasha: she's bored, look her eyes
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