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Brittany Markert851 viewsPhoto: Haleh Bryan11 comments02/07/10 at 00:10curdledsauce: Very Jadis-y. I like. Razz
Laura Kirkpatrick791 viewsPhoto: Mike Lane10 comments02/07/10 at 00:09curdledsauce: Yes, Caridee. I don't like her top.
Stacy Ann Fequiere568 viewsPhoto: PictureThis Inc.11 comments02/02/10 at 09:42curdledsauce: Oh my.
Nnenna Agba799 viewsPhoto: Ejaz Khan13 comments01/31/10 at 09:28curdledsauce: So much better than her crying shot.
Nnenna Agba1015 viewsPhoto: Ejaz Khan8 comments01/31/10 at 09:28curdledsauce: Wow I really like this.
Joanie Dodds701 viewsPhoto: Melissa Fargo9 comments01/31/10 at 09:22curdledsauce: This is absolutely beautiful.
Tiffany Richardson1243 views28 comments01/31/10 at 09:20curdledsauce: Why Tiffany? Why??! I was rooting for you, we were...
Jaslene Gonzalez1845 viewsPhoto: Jamie Nelson
For: Jamrock
8 comments01/26/10 at 07:02curdledsauce: Beautiful. :3
Jaslene Gonzalez819 viewsFor: InTrend Magazine27 comments01/26/10 at 07:00curdledsauce: I like this.
Jaslene Gonzalez817 viewsPhoto: Leon
For: Eh! Magazine
12 comments01/26/10 at 06:57curdledsauce: @ Niiiick: Of course she does. You want neck?! She...
Jaslene Gonzalez777 viewsPhoto: Leon
For: Eh! Magazine
13 comments01/26/10 at 06:55curdledsauce: Draggy but fierce.
Jaslene Gonzalez1032 viewsPhoto: Steve Koh
For: Style Magazine Malaysia
11 comments01/26/10 at 06:55curdledsauce: She looks crazy tall. Shocked
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