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Ann Ward12103 viewsPhoto: Keith Major72 comments09/27/10 at 08:08curdledsauce: This is really eye-catching. Love her. She's ...
Rhianna Atwood1969 viewsPhoto: Jessica Alexander4 comments08/23/10 at 00:14curdledsauce: Her face looks like it melted.
Chantal Jones942 viewsPhoto: Lucas Kirby
For: C&A Mexico
13 comments07/22/10 at 09:17curdledsauce: Chantal looks a little deranged in this one. XP I ...
Gina Choe1958 viewsPhoto: Kristina Horst
For: Jamaque Magazine, Winter 2009/2010 (Vol. 2 No. 2)
22 comments06/19/10 at 02:21curdledsauce: Gina's underrated just because she was scatte...
McKey Sullivan1025 viewsPhoto: Jean Sweet
For: Peluquerias International., August 2010
8 comments05/19/10 at 09:56curdledsauce: Very beautiful and it's a little Brenda-esque.
Aminat Ayinde1131 viewsPhoto: JJ Miller15 comments05/19/10 at 09:54curdledsauce: I'm not bothered by her face here but those sh...
Elyse Sewell738 viewsFor: VVA Vinavina11 comments05/16/10 at 01:20curdledsauce: Wow, I like that she looks sort of different here.
Tahlia Brookins7204 views76 comments05/13/10 at 22:51curdledsauce: Laughing
Raina Hein2223 viewsPhoto: Ashley Lebedev37 comments05/13/10 at 22:48curdledsauce: Raina's face is not the most symmetrical out t...
Magdalena Rivas1103 viewsPhoto: Frederick Nielsen17 comments05/13/10 at 22:47curdledsauce: Hoe lawd.
Whitney Thompson842 viewsFor: Saks Fifth Avenue38 comments05/13/10 at 22:44curdledsauce: I was craving for pear but now I'm having seco...
Brittany Markert652 viewsPhoto: Pete Thompson16 comments05/13/10 at 22:42curdledsauce: ^Oooh. I like your spelling.
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