Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Nicole Fox15048 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks167 comments01/05/10 at 19:42vheart: It's good except that she's doing the same...
Nicole Fox11944 viewsPhoto: Jerry Mettellus120 comments01/05/10 at 19:40vheart: The head in this looks so much like Nicole Linklet...
Rae Weisz11688 viewsPhoto: Baldomero Fernandez212 comments01/05/10 at 19:37vheart: Her face reminds me a lot of Lauren Brie's swi...
Sheena Sakai1099 viewsPhoto: Manny Roman15 comments01/02/10 at 23:27vheart: Her face is not catching the light at all, good sh...
Nik Pace2081 viewsPhoto: C. Reese
For: Essence Magazine
29 comments12/15/09 at 20:30vheart: She tries too hard to be Angelina Jolie-like
Jayla Rubinelli1878 viewsFor: Mazda9 comments12/15/09 at 20:19vheart: She's the least skanky of the hot but thats no...
Janet Mills536 viewsFor: Bealls7 comments12/15/09 at 17:30vheart: Looks like she missed the episode in c11 where Pau...
Chantal Jones885 viewsPhoto: Gregory Allen
For: Joy Magazine
4 comments12/15/09 at 17:26vheart: She looks a bit like Courtney Thorne-Smith, good j...
Chantal Jones1657 viewsPhoto: Ivan Aguirre
For: InFashion Magazine
33 comments12/15/09 at 17:23vheart: I always knew she could do these super edgy jobs d...
Chantal Jones1668 viewsPhoto: Ivan Aguirre
For: InFashion Magazine
22 comments12/15/09 at 17:21vheart: Eyes are amazing!!!
Chantal Jones2186 viewsPhoto: Ivan Aguirre
For: InFashion Magazine
33 comments12/15/09 at 17:19vheart: Wow this is stunning. This could've been the e...
Chantal Jones1349 viewsFor: DEULTIMA Magazine12 comments12/15/09 at 17:17vheart: This is holy crap amazing, her best photo yet. Cou...
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