Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Lauren Brie Harding33623 viewsPhoto: Michael Ruiz295 comments01/01/09 at 22:31Dubbad2: this is an amazing picture and she is totally in c...
April Wilkner17459 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker210 comments01/01/09 at 22:26Dubbad2: from head to toe she looks like an asian godess!
Ashley Black1520 views8 comments01/01/09 at 22:23Dubbad2: it looked like an amazing picture in the thumbnail...
Yoanna House4183 views8 comments01/01/09 at 22:19Dubbad2: ...wrinkles!
Yoanna House4719 views18 comments01/01/09 at 22:19Dubbad2: i'm glad she didn't try this on the photo ...
Naima Mora1326 viewsPhoto: Alexei Fonin
For: Uzuri Magazine
3 comments01/01/09 at 21:53Dubbad2: i like the overall picture and i immediately get i...
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