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Joanie Dodds11951 viewsPhoto: Jim De Yonker108 comments12/05/09 at 11:13shortstuff04: So Should have won! This is amazing!
Joanie Dodds1620 viewsPhoto: BLY Photography5 comments12/05/09 at 11:11shortstuff04: Gooooddddd Piccc!
Joanie Dodds1975 viewsPhoto: Kenny Sweeney49 comments12/05/09 at 11:11shortstuff04: DAmn sexyyy!!! She has trasnformed into a real mod...
Joanie Dodds662 views2 comments12/05/09 at 11:10shortstuff04: So serene. So gorgerous.
Joanie Dodds1171 viewsPhoto: Curran Corbett13 comments12/05/09 at 11:09shortstuff04: Wonderful. So amazing!!!
Joanie Dodds606 views1 comments12/05/09 at 11:08shortstuff04: So stunning. So beautiful!
Joanie Dodds4521 views22 comments12/05/09 at 11:07shortstuff04: I love this. She looks like she did good all durin...
Lisa D'Amato1079 views5 comments12/05/09 at 11:06shortstuff04: Iam not a Lisa fan at all. But she does make one a...
Kyle Kavanagh492 viewsPhoto: Scott Spellman2 comments12/05/09 at 11:04shortstuff04: I like it. SHe looks really Prettty
Cycle Five Group5501 viewsAshley Black, Bre Scullark, Cassandra Whitehead, Coryn Woitel, Diane Hernandez, Ebony Taylor, Jayla Rubinelli, Kim Stolz, Kyle Kavanagh, Lisa D'Amato, Nicole Linkletter, Nik Pace, Sarah Rhoades31 comments12/05/09 at 11:03shortstuff04: Bling It On!
Nicole Linkletter1918 viewsPhoto: Jerome Awasthi
For: Elle Magazine Singapore, May 2009
7 comments12/05/09 at 11:02shortstuff04: So amazing. Love the shape, love love love this pi...
Nicole Linkletter1484 viewsPhoto: Cher Him
For: Cleo Magazine, June 2009
2 comments12/05/09 at 10:58shortstuff04: I love the 70s vibe from it too. This is striking!
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