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Natasha Galkina1359 views23 comments12/05/09 at 11:39shortstuff04: Wow! This is Magificent! <3
Natasha Galkina6249 views20 comments12/05/09 at 11:34shortstuff04: I dont like the wind in the hair.but other then th...
Melrose Bickerstaff1631 views4 comments12/05/09 at 11:33shortstuff04: She looks mean, Which is usual for melrose....
Anchal Joseph2715 viewsPhoto: Paul Cobo7 comments12/05/09 at 11:33shortstuff04: Sooooo Stunning. Omg.
Cycle Seven Group6401 views45 comments12/05/09 at 11:32shortstuff04: Sassier, Fiercer, And Making History
CariDee English2265 viewsPhoto: George Holz
For: Seventeen, February 2007
6 comments12/05/09 at 11:29shortstuff04: So does look so sweet!
CariDee English1954 viewsFor: Pretty Wicked10 comments12/05/09 at 11:21shortstuff04: I love this. There is just something I adore about...
CariDee English6952 views28 comments12/05/09 at 11:19shortstuff04: Looks Amazing. A Little To Posy tho!
Jade Cole1288 viewsPhoto: Howard Huang
For: TBW Magazine
5 comments12/05/09 at 11:19shortstuff04: Not digging it. To dark. and Not a Jade fan.
Cycle Six Group6102 viewsKathy Hoxit, Wendy Wiltz, Kari Schmidt, Gina Choe, Mollie-Sue Steenis-Gondi, Leslie Mancia, Brooke Staricha, Nnenna Agba, Furonda Brasfield, Sara Albert, Jade Cole, Joanie Dodds, Danielle Evans32 comments12/05/09 at 11:17shortstuff04: Fairy Tales Really Do Come True!
Joanie Dodds1377 viewsPhoto: Sterling Photography8 comments12/05/09 at 11:17shortstuff04: My favorite. Its just so beautiful. and prefect!
Joanie Dodds2121 viewsPhoto: Vijat Mohindra9 comments12/05/09 at 11:15shortstuff04: OMg. so high fashion! I ahhhhhh dore this!
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