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Analeigh Tipton28075 viewsPhoto: Russell James96 comments12/05/09 at 12:27shortstuff04: Judges are so wrong. I loved this!
Analeigh Tipton2727 views12 comments12/05/09 at 12:27shortstuff04: Love her Smile!
Analeigh Tipton34859 viewsPhoto: Andy Tan346 comments12/05/09 at 12:26shortstuff04: Fav pic from the WHOLE Cycle!
Analeigh Tipton9355 viewsPhoto: Robert Dahey29 comments12/05/09 at 12:24shortstuff04: She looks mean, but i like it cause its a differen...
Analeigh Tipton1559 viewsPhoto: Trevor Debth
For: Campus Girls USA
11 comments12/05/09 at 12:22shortstuff04: Sexxy as hell!!! <3
Analeigh Tipton21786 views122 comments12/05/09 at 12:21shortstuff04: Analeigh is the best!
Dominique Reighard1861 views6 comments12/05/09 at 12:19shortstuff04: Ewwwyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Fatima Siad3502 viewsPhoto: Jessica Scott
For: In Fashion Magazine
34 comments12/05/09 at 12:18shortstuff04: really beautiful. <3
Cycle Ten Group9695 viewsAllison Kuehn, Lauren Utter, Amis Jenkins, Dominique Reighard, Aimee Wright, Fatima Siad, Anya Kop, Marvita Washington, Claire Unabia, Katarzyna Dolinska, Whitney Thompson, Stacy Ann Fequiere, Atalya Slater, Kimberly Rydzewski63 comments12/05/09 at 12:17shortstuff04: New Faces, New Attitude, New York.
Katarzyna Dolinska1889 viewsPhoto: Jonathan De Villers
For: L'Officiel France, February 2009
12 comments12/05/09 at 12:16shortstuff04: Omg, this is so serene!!! Another fav pic! Razz
Katarzyna Dolinska2721 viewsPhoto: Pascal Chevallier
For: Vogue Australia, April 2009
12 comments12/05/09 at 12:15shortstuff04: My fav pic of Katarzyna.
Katarzyna Dolinska5689 viewsPhoto: The GL Factory44 comments12/05/09 at 12:13shortstuff04: its creepy, i love it!
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