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Kortnie Coles6299 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker64 comments04/01/09 at 09:4694ayd: It hurts... And Celia with her stupid same pose.
London Levi7480 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards65 comments04/01/09 at 09:4394ayd: The legs...
Tahlia Brookins9141 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards314 comments04/01/09 at 09:3994ayd: Tahlia deserved it! Why do you always have to act ...
Jessica Santiago4391 views28 comments04/01/09 at 09:2794ayd: Way better than the original one.
Fo Porter6399 views30 comments04/01/09 at 09:2694ayd: The hand's killing me... OUCH!
Jade Cole670 views1 comments03/26/09 at 09:1694ayd: The legs are awful!
Mercedes Scelba-Shorte119 viewsFor: Rachel Pally1 comments03/26/09 at 09:1094ayd: She looks like nothing here.
Kahlen Rondot9913 viewsFor: Manuel Override Cosmetics51 comments03/26/09 at 09:0794ayd: It's fake, don't like the hair!
London Levi11660 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker106 comments03/26/09 at 09:0394ayd: I don't like the left arm. It's too bend i...
Teyona Anderson12909 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker99 comments03/26/09 at 08:5894ayd: Fo looks disgusting in this one!
Cycle Twelve Group9133 viewsSandra Nyanchoka, Celia Ammerman

Photo: Mike Rosenthal
92 comments03/26/09 at 08:5694ayd: I actually don't understnad why they loved thi...
Cycle Twelve Group7818 viewsNatalie Pack, Teyona Anderson, Tahlia Brookins

Photo: Mike Rosenthal
117 comments03/26/09 at 08:5094ayd: Only Tahlia looks good here. The other two aren...
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