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Aminat Ayinde8519 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz103 comments04/20/09 at 02:1694ayd: HIDEOUS! I was so hoping she would go home but the...
Allison Harvard21377 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz165 comments04/20/09 at 02:1394ayd: Teyona's shot was worse than this one, I belie...
Allison Harvard25156 viewsPhoto: Keith Major240 comments04/03/09 at 07:0594ayd: Major disappointment for me.
Fo Porter14852 viewsPhoto: Keith Major225 comments04/03/09 at 07:0394ayd: The make-up is again awful but unlike London, she ...
London Levi10207 viewsPhoto: Keith Major158 comments04/03/09 at 07:0094ayd: The make-up is disgusting! It ruins the whole shot...
Sandra Nyanchoka8089 viewsPhoto: Keith Major170 comments04/03/09 at 06:5794ayd: She looks crazy here. My eyes are beginning to hur...
Bianca Golden879 viewsPhoto: Derek Blanks3 comments04/01/09 at 10:0494ayd: Michael Jackson!!!!! Laughing
Yaya DaCosta Johnson1041 views3 comments04/01/09 at 09:5994ayd: She looks dead...
Allison Harvard9427 viewsPhoto: Daniel L. Williams26 comments04/01/09 at 09:5594ayd: This is awful! Why is it rated so high?
Isabella Falk1434 views4 comments04/01/09 at 09:5594ayd: Zombi - Marjorie with a disgusting dress... Laughing
Isabella Falk1689 viewsPhoto: Wick Beavers4 comments04/01/09 at 09:5394ayd: She has to be the worst model in the history of AN...
Isabella Falk1603 viewsPhoto: Jeff Ashworth45 comments04/01/09 at 09:4994ayd: She sucks so hard!...
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