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Sundai Love5201 viewsPhoto: Russell James110 comments12/06/09 at 08:1094ayd: Face is just disturbing...
Sundai Love5476 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks139 comments12/06/09 at 08:0994ayd: This may as well be her best photo of the whole co...
Sundai Love4962 viewsPhoto: Patricia Van Oh103 comments12/06/09 at 08:0894ayd: Tiresome as usual... Mad
Sundai Love5094 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion119 comments12/06/09 at 08:0694ayd: I don't get what the judges liked about this s...
Sundai Love5209 viewsPhoto: Firooz Zahedi88 comments12/06/09 at 08:0594ayd: No neck and dull pose! Rolling Eyes
Ashley Howard5633 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks134 comments12/06/09 at 08:0394ayd: I don't think Bianca deserved to go home over ...
Amanda Swafford564 viewsPhoto: Stewart Young1 comments12/06/09 at 08:0094ayd: I love the look she's giving here. Very Happy
Teyona Anderson11532 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz179 comments04/20/09 at 02:2694ayd: She should've been third to last, not Allison.
Natalie Pack8752 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz181 comments04/20/09 at 02:2494ayd: I don't like the body at all.
London Levi8410 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz119 comments04/20/09 at 02:2294ayd: The face is flawless! No doubt, Aminat should have...
Fo Porter9022 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz87 comments04/20/09 at 02:2094ayd: I think she'll be 4th. This shot is way better...
Celia Ammerman9270 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz137 comments04/20/09 at 02:1894ayd: The legs and the face are gorgeous.
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