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Erin Wagner8528 viewsPhoto: Russell James169 comments12/06/09 at 08:3094ayd: The body's great at least.
Erin Wagner10534 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks236 comments12/06/09 at 08:3094ayd: Resting on pretty as Ms Jay would say.
Erin Wagner8725 viewsPhoto: Patricia Van Oh115 comments12/06/09 at 08:2994ayd: Only the middle shot works and it was probably by ...
Erin Wagner12253 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks247 comments12/06/09 at 08:2894ayd: She and the scarf both look African here.
Erin Wagner12017 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion183 comments12/06/09 at 08:2794ayd: She is doing nothing in this shot.
Erin Wagner11559 viewsPhoto: Firooz Zahedi173 comments12/06/09 at 08:2494ayd: Bets arms but overall Brittany produced a better p...
Courtney Davies5569 viewsPhoto: Firooz Zahedi123 comments12/06/09 at 08:2294ayd: This was one of the best that week. Don't get ...
Brittany Markert8316 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks192 comments12/06/09 at 08:2094ayd: I agree with Tyra that the fashion element's m...
Brittany Markert9736 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks158 comments12/06/09 at 08:1894ayd: I don't like it at all. It looks absloutely de...
Bianca Richardson5052 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks100 comments12/06/09 at 08:1594ayd: I was shocked to see her leave. Could be her best ...
Bianca Richardson4472 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion110 comments12/06/09 at 08:1394ayd: A bit stiff.
Bianca Richardson5642 viewsPhoto: Firooz Zahedi174 comments12/06/09 at 08:1394ayd: It's not the worst, in my opinion, nor is Cour...
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