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Jessica Serfaty9312 views150 comments02/10/10 at 17:1694ayd: Great shot! Cool
Gabrielle Kniery6434 views135 comments02/10/10 at 17:1694ayd: Jade in the face. Laughing Arm is weird.
Brenda Arens6903 views148 comments02/10/10 at 17:1594ayd: Let's welcome back Marjorie. Laughing
Anslee Payne-Franklin 6524 views134 comments02/10/10 at 17:1494ayd: Strange face. Shocked
Alexandra Underwood7903 views147 comments02/10/10 at 17:1394ayd: She looks like Erin from last cycle. Weird pose an...
Alasia Ballard8106 views150 comments02/10/10 at 17:1294ayd: Stiff pose.
Angelea Preston8952 views194 comments02/10/10 at 17:1094ayd: It's definitely her after taking a close look....
Marvita Washington2383 viewsPhoto: Tarrice Love43 comments12/06/09 at 09:1894ayd: The stongest eye contact and expression she's ...
Sandra Nyanchoka1654 views10 comments12/06/09 at 09:1694ayd: Dead and manly as usual.
Rae Weisz1358 viewsPhoto: Filipe Marques19 comments12/06/09 at 09:1494ayd: Her face is the most beautiful one of the whole cy...
Rae Weisz5946 viewsPhoto: Patricia Van Oh99 comments12/06/09 at 09:1394ayd: Could have been better.
Rae Weisz7899 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks141 comments12/06/09 at 09:1294ayd: Should have been another first call-out for her!
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