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Kelle Jacob2657 views16 comments01/17/09 at 09:2594ayd: That's a man for sure.
Kelle Jacob2815 views18 comments01/17/09 at 09:2594ayd: She looks like an annoying monkey or donkey.
Kelle Jacob5283 viewsPhoto: Nick Cardillicchio47 comments01/17/09 at 09:2494ayd: A penis with four fingers. That's odd... Laughing
Kelle Jacob5329 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith46 comments01/17/09 at 09:2394ayd: Miss Jay's grandma! Laughing
Whitney Thompson10658 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker
For: Seventeen, July 2008
75 comments01/17/09 at 09:2194ayd: There isn't any make-up on her face! Shocked ...
Kimberly Rydzewski1688 viewsPhoto: James R. Shortridge Jr.21 comments01/17/09 at 09:2094ayd: She doesn't look that great here...
Elina Ivanova7224 viewsPhoto: Austin Young
For: Tarina Tarantino
24 comments01/17/09 at 09:1994ayd: This is better.
Elina Ivanova7129 viewsPhoto: Austin Young
For: Tarina Tarantino
21 comments01/17/09 at 09:1994ayd: Dead clown.
Fatima Siad2264 viewsPhoto: Stephen Lee
For: CosmoGirl Prom, Winter/Spring 2009
11 comments01/17/09 at 09:1894ayd: Don't like it at all.
Sarah Hartshorne1881 viewsPhoto: Hugo Castillo16 comments01/17/09 at 09:1794ayd: Such beautiful eyes!
Sarah Hartshorne1482 viewsPhoto: Charles Silverman12 comments01/17/09 at 09:1794ayd: Just a little stiff. But the clothes suit her grea...
Nik Pace1212 views3 comments01/17/09 at 09:1694ayd: Broken. Confused
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