Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Natalie Pack9397 views128 comments01/31/09 at 09:2894ayd: This is the final unattractive girl that I had to ...
Tahlia Brookins8991 views211 comments01/31/09 at 09:1794ayd: Cruela Devil? Just a little nicer and younger.
Teyona Anderson10962 views138 comments01/31/09 at 09:1594ayd: Janice Dickinson plus Grace Jones?
Celia Ammerman10986 views137 comments01/31/09 at 09:0394ayd: She looks like a dead moose...
London Levi2941 viewsPhoto: Alicia Stepp-Woody10 comments01/31/09 at 09:0194ayd: I love everything about the shot!
Fo Porter11917 views145 comments01/31/09 at 08:5194ayd: Kinda like her! I think she'll be the fourth e...
Isabella Falk8737 views128 comments01/31/09 at 08:4994ayd: She couldn't have done a worse pose...
Nijah Harris6536 views74 comments01/31/09 at 08:4894ayd: She's absolutely boring! Like her name though!
London Levi11097 views152 comments01/31/09 at 08:4694ayd: Cocky plus awful trousers!
Jessica Santiago8500 views103 comments01/31/09 at 08:4594ayd: Her legs don't match the rest of her body...
Allison Harvard21843 views257 comments01/31/09 at 08:4294ayd: She's adorable! My absolut and probably only f...
Sandra Nyanchoka8058 views138 comments01/31/09 at 08:4194ayd: She's absolutely the strangest looking of all ...
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