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Alexandra Underwood6732 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams115 comments08/29/10 at 09:02JUSTINGYM8: 1) RAINA 2)ALEX 3) KRISTA 4) ANGELA
Alexandra Underwood8637 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks150 comments08/29/10 at 09:01JUSTINGYM8: iT WOULD BE A TOSS UP BETWEEN HER AND KRISTA
Melrose Bickerstaff10959 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks68 comments08/27/10 at 17:31JUSTINGYM8: not scary, blah
Lauren Brie Harding1415 viewsPhoto: Viki Forshee
For: Grazia Magazine
7 comments08/25/10 at 13:09JUSTINGYM8: its quite beautiful
Hannah White1308 viewsPhoto: Woodward Studios7 comments08/22/10 at 23:30JUSTINGYM8: these 3 test shots make me speechless, so great
Hannah White1461 viewsPhoto: Woodward Studios21 comments08/22/10 at 23:29JUSTINGYM8: Great job Hannah!
Adrianne Curry841 viewsPhoto: Meg Pasetta (Valentine Studios)4 comments08/18/10 at 21:17JUSTINGYM8: goregous
Krista White6908 viewsPhoto: Sarah Silver77 comments08/16/10 at 09:54JUSTINGYM8: okay my coo 1) Tatiana 2) Raina 3) Brenda 4)Alasia...
Krista White8518 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams99 comments08/16/10 at 09:52JUSTINGYM8: Raina's was much better
Ren Vokes5100 viewsPhoto: Cade Martin115 comments08/13/10 at 14:44JUSTINGYM8: honestly i think this was a stupid shot, disco tha...
Krista White8370 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz136 comments08/13/10 at 14:41JUSTINGYM8: this and her shadow pictures are the only ones i c...
Raina Hein1975 viewsPhoto: Susanne Spiel
For: Symphony, Autumn/Winter 2010
18 comments08/13/10 at 14:40JUSTINGYM8: love this, best model of the cycle by 100 miles
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