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Allison Harvard22950 viewsPhoto: Fadil Berisha149 comments12/10/09 at 07:34JUSTINGYM8: love this picture, love allison. she soooo should ...
Jaeda Young6967 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks55 comments12/04/09 at 22:38JUSTINGYM8: fierce i have to admit this is amazing jaeda shoul...
Jaeda Young4782 viewsPhoto: Patrik Giardino44 comments12/04/09 at 22:37JUSTINGYM8: anchal should of never gone home jaeda should have
Jaeda Young5580 viewsPhoto: Oliver Bronson & Dylan Don42 comments12/04/09 at 22:36JUSTINGYM8: hate it
Anchal Joseph7322 viewsPhoto: Randee St. Nicholas37 comments12/04/09 at 22:33JUSTINGYM8: amazing, i think this was her best week for confid...
Anchal Joseph9803 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne65 comments12/04/09 at 22:31JUSTINGYM8: FIERCE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT, I think that this w...
Anchal Joseph8320 viewsPhoto: Oliver Bronson & Dylan Don41 comments12/04/09 at 22:29JUSTINGYM8: FIERCE!
CariDee English2669 viewsFor: Healthy Living9 comments12/04/09 at 22:22JUSTINGYM8: I ACTUALLY LIKE IT
Noelle Staggers4477 viewsPhoto: Delaney & Gitte31 comments12/03/09 at 20:23JUSTINGYM8: LOVE IT WHY DID SHE GET ELIMINATED!
Naima Mora6899 viewsPhoto: Jim De Yonker11 comments12/03/09 at 20:17JUSTINGYM8: FIERCE! Laughing
Brita Petersons1900 viewsFor: Brentwood Magazine11 comments12/03/09 at 18:00JUSTINGYM8: Very Happy
Brita Petersons740 viewsPhoto: David Oscar Flores3 comments12/03/09 at 17:59JUSTINGYM8: Sad
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