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Analeigh Tipton6003 views20 comments02/13/10 at 21:57JUSTINGYM8: she is getting back by makin a parody of tyras hai...
Brooke Staricha6986 viewsPhoto: Richard Reinsdorf76 comments02/13/10 at 10:01JUSTINGYM8: it should of gone 1) BROOKE (LOVE THE SHOT) 2) Dan...
Jaslene Gonzalez1334 viewsFor: Jelita Magazine17 comments02/13/10 at 09:53JUSTINGYM8: her print work sucks
Felicia Provost550 views8 comments02/13/10 at 09:52JUSTINGYM8: yuck...wht cycle is she from i dont remeber her at...
Shannon Stewart1651 viewsFor: Dillard's2 comments02/13/10 at 09:25JUSTINGYM8: good
Furonda Brasfield572 viewsFor: 2bebride.com6 comments02/13/10 at 09:22JUSTINGYM8: beautiful
Furonda Brasfield843 viewsFor: 2bebride.com13 comments02/13/10 at 09:21JUSTINGYM8: work!
Noelle Staggers4217 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker34 comments02/13/10 at 07:53JUSTINGYM8: yeah but you have to admit noelle could of been am...
Analeigh Tipton454 viewsFor: Geren Ford, Pre-Fall 20101 comments02/11/10 at 14:22JUSTINGYM8: she rocked all of her print work
Analeigh Tipton375 viewsFor: Geren Ford, Pre-Fall 20101 comments02/11/10 at 14:20JUSTINGYM8: hot
Analeigh Tipton705 viewsFor: Geren Ford, Pre-Fall 20102 comments02/11/10 at 14:19JUSTINGYM8: i like it
Mercedes Scelba-Shorte409 viewsFor: Lucy.com3 comments02/08/10 at 20:59JUSTINGYM8: wht happened to her legs
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