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Michelle Babin10276 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker100 comments02/24/10 at 19:49JUSTINGYM8: i love this photot but i rated it on her week........
Jenah Doucette2104 viewsPhoto: Charles Quiles21 comments02/24/10 at 13:55JUSTINGYM8: although she is still very young i wanna see print...
Nicole Fox1658 viewsPhoto: Ashley Haber
For: Spirit Hoods
16 comments02/22/10 at 20:00JUSTINGYM8: smize
Teyona Anderson1524 views31 comments02/21/10 at 17:14JUSTINGYM8: stunning
Teyona Anderson5134 viewsPhoto: Don Flood
For: Seventeen, July 2009
63 comments02/21/10 at 17:14JUSTINGYM8: That really should be allison
Aminat Ayinde6776 views40 comments02/21/10 at 17:13JUSTINGYM8: i cant stand her! like when i see her in panal i l...
Analeigh Tipton421 viewsFor: Guess2 comments02/21/10 at 17:10JUSTINGYM8: ^^^^wow then you must be the only person in this w...
Cycle Thirteen Group8860 views140 comments02/21/10 at 09:22JUSTINGYM8: hahha i just though lisa's photo looks photosh...
CariDee English1121 views1 comments02/21/10 at 09:11JUSTINGYM8: this was documented for my life as a covergirl i a...
CariDee English4830 viewsPhoto: George Holz
For: Seventeen, February 2007
42 comments02/21/10 at 09:07JUSTINGYM8: beautiful
CariDee English716 viewsPhoto: Jason Setiawan10 comments02/21/10 at 09:05JUSTINGYM8: i kno she can model i kinda think she takes some ...
Cycle Seven Group2044 viewsAnchal Joseph, CariDee English

Photo: Jason Setiawan
34 comments02/21/10 at 09:03JUSTINGYM8: i think they both look great
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