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Krista White2518 viewsFor: Seventeen Magazine, June/July 201030 comments07/25/10 at 14:52JUSTINGYM8: shes so not seventeen at all, raina would of owned...
Naduah Rugely722 viewsFor: CancunĂ­ssimo Magazine CancĂșn, Diciembre 20083 comments07/24/10 at 19:46JUSTINGYM8: I LIKE THIS
Bre Scullark1167 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker
For: Cover, April 2007
10 comments07/23/10 at 23:01JUSTINGYM8: dead photo
ShaRaun Brown702 viewsPhoto: Mireya Acierto
For: True Star Magazine
9 comments07/23/10 at 14:27JUSTINGYM8: she is pretty (:
Jessica Serfaty921 views14 comments07/22/10 at 10:25JUSTINGYM8: kinda awkward but its decent
Adrianne Curry17801 viewsPhoto: Michel Haddi71 comments07/22/10 at 10:23JUSTINGYM8: my coo 1)Adrianne 2) robin 3) shannon 4) kesse 5) ...
CariDee English695 viewsPhoto: Kristi Urpa4 comments07/22/10 at 10:19JUSTINGYM8: i liked her hair the way it was when she was on th...
Jaslene Gonzalez1089 viewsFor: Lot 292 comments07/20/10 at 16:40JUSTINGYM8: THIS IS BAD
A.J. Stewart6180 views21 comments07/20/10 at 16:39JUSTINGYM8: USUALLY PRE SHOW PICTURES ARE RANKED LIKE IN THE 2...
CariDee English3174 viewsFor: No H8 Campaign43 comments07/20/10 at 10:15JUSTINGYM8: but caridees was better i would say 1_ cari 2) jad...
Amanda Swafford16602 viewsPhoto: Ryu Tamagawa142 comments07/19/10 at 22:02JUSTINGYM8: i love her! her covergirl shoot was the best! she ...
Nicole Fox2265 viewsPhoto: Russell Baer42 comments07/19/10 at 21:56JUSTINGYM8: so pretty! i love nicole
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