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Danielle Evans744 views10 comments02/02/10 at 01:21majorielover: i LOVE this. i love her.
Fo Porter581 viewsFor: D6 Clothing13 comments01/19/10 at 13:55majorielover: i hate fo but this is great
Jaslene Gonzalez1320 viewsPhoto: Eric Chow
For: Faces Malaysia, January 2010
15 comments01/15/10 at 14:51majorielover: she always does such great spreads!
Joanie Dodds1371 views2 comments01/11/10 at 17:22majorielover: she looks a little like maria sharapova here to me...
Elyse Sewell665 viewsFor: Love Win Paris, Spring/Summer 20095 comments01/05/10 at 01:15majorielover: the other girl reminds me of taylor swift.. haha
Anya Kop1747 viewsPhoto: Alex Lam
For: Showcase Fashion
7 comments09/23/09 at 22:11majorielover: looks like heather
Bianca Richardson5645 viewsPhoto: Firooz Zahedi174 comments09/19/09 at 15:01majorielover: she doesn't deserve to wear louboutins two wee...
Courtney Davies5896 viewsPhoto: Baldomero Fernandez129 comments09/11/09 at 00:16majorielover: i don't get how people are saying jennifer loo...
Jennifer An8074 viewsPhoto: Baldomero Fernandez141 comments09/11/09 at 00:09majorielover: i think she's going to win just because tyra n...
Teyona Anderson3645 viewsPhoto: Don Flood
For: Seventeen, July 2009
32 comments09/05/09 at 15:53majorielover: ah i'm so happy! finalllly an antm winner gett...
McKey Sullivan2394 viewsPhoto: John D.19 comments09/05/09 at 15:47majorielover: ^no it's one of her test shots for elite
Fo Porter1766 views38 comments09/05/09 at 15:46majorielover: she's like 5'7" at the tallest.. and ...
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