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Anamaria Mirdita2104 viewsPhoto: YoungHoon Kim4 comments08/29/10 at 15:21majorielover: ^^ whaaaaaaaaaaat? have you ever seen a korean in ...
Fo Porter701 viewsFor: H&M 6 comments08/15/10 at 03:38majorielover: the sports modeling is definitely for her. never c...
Fo Porter547 views3 comments08/11/10 at 03:26majorielover: i see brittany brower... lol weird
Erin Wagner2170 viewsPhoto: Bryan Whitely
20 comments07/14/10 at 21:29majorielover: LOOOOVE
Sundai Love1171 viewsPhoto: Anthony Frausto
For: Glam Couture Magazine, July 2010
16 comments07/02/10 at 23:20majorielover: i thought it was bre
McKey Sullivan1231 viewsFor: Trinidad & Tobago Fashion Week5 comments07/02/10 at 01:51majorielover: i love the line that their legs create... random l...
Brittany Markert562 viewsPhoto: Oscar Turco
For: Revista 192
3 comments05/20/10 at 22:38majorielover: even at her height she's slowly becoming one ...
Alexandra Underwood6680 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams115 comments05/13/10 at 19:15majorielover: this is the best of the week. its STUNNING. she de...
Krista White8861 viewsPhoto: Tony Drayton268 comments05/13/10 at 19:12majorielover: this is not her best shot... she has a stunning sm...
Raina Hein10877 viewsPhoto: Tony Drayton221 comments05/13/10 at 19:09majorielover: @backlad11- her body is NOT a models body. she'...
Angelea Preston8703 viewsPhoto: D-nice162 comments05/09/10 at 18:23majorielover: ^^ i think eddiecom2 is angelea...
Alexandra Underwood8572 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks150 comments05/09/10 at 02:42majorielover: @mikeymeatloaf- they're using shadows... so ye...
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