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Elyse Sewell1682 viewsFor: Prive Asia Magazine
Photo: Baldovino Barani
8 comments02/16/09 at 21:47majorielover: damnnn her legs are long
Samantha Francis1415 views9 comments02/16/09 at 18:54majorielover: she reminds me of alyssa miller whose with nous mo...
Samantha Francis1818 viewsPhoto: Miko Lim
For: Oyster Magazine
7 comments02/16/09 at 18:53majorielover: i loved her on the show, and i felt like she shoul...
Samantha Francis1578 viewsFor: Oyster Magazine3 comments02/16/09 at 18:52majorielover: love this
Anya Kop2482 viewsPhoto: Robin Jonsson
For: Nylon Magazine
8 comments02/16/09 at 18:42majorielover: nylon!!!
Sandra Nyanchoka8058 views138 comments02/16/09 at 18:19majorielover: most high fashion girl this cycle... which is pret...
Teyona Anderson10962 views138 comments02/16/09 at 18:14majorielover: she looks like sessilee lopez to me... i like her
Sheena Sakai4925 viewsPhoto: Harold Julian 34 comments11/14/08 at 02:33majorielover: WHY couldn't she have brought this on the show...
Sheena Sakai10971 viewsPhoto: Andy Tan164 comments11/14/08 at 02:28majorielover: her face in this is GORGEOUS.
Samantha Potter14214 views120 comments11/14/08 at 02:16majorielover: hate it. her film sucked. she shouldnt have stayed...
McKey Sullivan18864 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks208 comments11/14/08 at 02:10majorielover: i like her but i think she looks kin of short in t...
Marjorie Conrad17208 views450 comments11/14/08 at 02:04majorielover: if you think this picture is boring or bad, you do...
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