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Fo Porter1525 viewsFor: Revolve Clothing36 comments09/05/09 at 15:44majorielover: i don't really care if they disagree with my O...
Fo Porter1525 viewsFor: Revolve Clothing36 comments09/05/09 at 04:25majorielover: her being in nylon may make me dislike the mag...
Teyona Anderson3643 viewsPhoto: Don Flood
For: Seventeen, July 2009
32 comments09/04/09 at 19:18majorielover: she's gotten runway work? for who? i want to s...
Jessica Santiago1825 views11 comments09/04/09 at 14:42majorielover: i really don't think she's pretty... at al...
Fo Porter1765 views38 comments09/04/09 at 03:16majorielover: HAHA her height on nous' website went up to 5&...
Analeigh Tipton34859 viewsPhoto: Andy Tan346 comments08/29/09 at 02:37majorielover: i love analeigh... but like... she looks like mick...
Katarzyna Dolinska2154 views21 comments08/29/09 at 02:25majorielover: i love her blonde.
Saleisha Stowers829 views7 comments08/27/09 at 02:03majorielover: she looks like bianca here to me...
Natasha Galkina2902 viewsFor: Vanity Fair14 comments08/26/09 at 20:59majorielover: her face reminds me of dree hemingway here
Analeigh Tipton3009 viewsPhoto: Sara Pine17 comments08/24/09 at 21:46majorielover: stunnnnnning
Samantha Potter5498 viewsPhoto: Petrovsky & Ramone
For: Avantgarde Magazine, April 2009
28 comments08/22/09 at 16:25majorielover: i saw her on venice beach a few days ago! she grew...
Brittany Markert3048 viewsPhoto: Josue Pena41 comments08/18/09 at 19:58majorielover: reminds me of alexis bledel a bit here...
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