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Brooke Staricha6560 viewsPhoto: Pascal Demeester53 comments02/05/09 at 22:35lolfierce: Love the awkward factor. This shot works.
Monique Calhoun4579 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne40 comments02/03/09 at 13:22lolfierce: I actually really like this. Despite her attitude,...
Monique Calhoun3271 views34 comments02/03/09 at 13:21lolfierce: Looks bitchy. But hot.
Monique Calhoun5692 viewsPhoto: Oliver Bronson & Dylan Don51 comments02/03/09 at 13:20lolfierce: Terribly cheesy, but she is a gorgeous girl.
Michelle Babin10232 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker100 comments02/03/09 at 13:19lolfierce: Fierce. Her and Eugena did best this week.
Michelle Babin6086 viewsPhoto: Patrik Giardino27 comments02/03/09 at 13:18lolfierce: Gumby! This is alright.
Michelle Babin9311 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks43 comments02/03/09 at 13:18lolfierce: Interesting, to say the least.
Michelle Babin6190 viewsPhoto: Randee St. Nicholas25 comments02/03/09 at 13:16lolfierce: Gorgeous.
Michelle Babin7303 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith23 comments02/03/09 at 13:16lolfierce: I love it.
Michelle Babin6009 viewsPhoto: Charlie Altuna27 comments02/03/09 at 13:15lolfierce: This is great.
Michelle Babin10949 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne96 comments02/03/09 at 13:15lolfierce: LOVE IT. Anchal's was the best still, but this...
Michelle Babin5417 views21 comments02/03/09 at 13:14lolfierce: Timid. But nice.
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