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McKey Sullivan18941 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks208 comments11/18/08 at 18:49lolfierce: I don't get the amazing talent everyone else s...
McKey Sullivan15353 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks116 comments11/18/08 at 18:48lolfierce: Nice face, but I hate her boxer pose thing.
McKey Sullivan19741 viewsPhoto: Andy Tan178 comments11/18/08 at 18:48lolfierce: Again, overrated. Should've been called 3rd or...
McKey Sullivan15580 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal152 comments11/18/08 at 18:47lolfierce: I don't get why everyone thinks this is like t...
McKey Sullivan16459 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards105 comments11/18/08 at 18:46lolfierce: Love it. She's melting!
McKey Sullivan18021 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker75 comments11/18/08 at 18:46lolfierce: Good, but more middle of the pack.
McKey Sullivan22271 viewsPhoto: Russell James271 comments11/18/08 at 18:45lolfierce: Very pretty. Nothing amazing, but she did good.
McKey Sullivan13138 views73 comments11/18/08 at 18:45lolfierce: A bit strange.
McKey Sullivan15538 viewsPhoto: Michael Ruiz83 comments11/18/08 at 18:44lolfierce: I like it a lot. She's flirting with the camer...
McKey Sullivan15357 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal101 comments11/18/08 at 18:44lolfierce: This is extremely overrated, as is McKey. The body...
Marjorie Conrad17268 views450 comments11/18/08 at 18:42lolfierce: HIGH FASHION! Marjorie is so edgy it's not eve...
Marjorie Conrad16322 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks116 comments11/18/08 at 18:41lolfierce: LOVE it! 2nd best of the week, again!
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