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Samantha Potter14924 viewsPhoto: Andy Tan117 comments11/18/08 at 18:55lolfierce: Best of the week! I love it. She looks like a pira...
Samantha Potter11834 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal75 comments11/18/08 at 18:55lolfierce: One of the worst. Boring, sorry.
Samantha Potter18173 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards115 comments11/18/08 at 18:54lolfierce: BEST OF THE WEEK! I love the whole vibe of the pic...
Samantha Potter16249 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker71 comments11/18/08 at 18:54lolfierce: LOVE THIS! She looks like a swamp monster. One of ...
Samantha Potter16705 viewsPhoto: Russell James46 comments11/18/08 at 18:54lolfierce: I prefer the other one. This one's a bit..stra...
Samantha Potter19732 viewsPhoto: Russell James136 comments11/18/08 at 18:53lolfierce: GREAT. 2nd best of the week, behind Lauren Brie.
Samantha Potter11595 views53 comments11/18/08 at 18:53lolfierce: One of the best makeover shots, and THE best makeo...
Samantha Potter11892 viewsPhoto: Michael Ruiz73 comments11/18/08 at 18:52lolfierce: The face is great, the body is alright, except she...
Samantha Potter10856 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal72 comments11/18/08 at 18:52lolfierce: Love it! She's off to a good start.
Nikeysha Clarke7366 viewsPhoto: Michael Ruiz98 comments11/18/08 at 18:51lolfierce: This is great. The body is amazing, as is the face...
Nikeysha Clarke6727 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal67 comments11/18/08 at 18:51lolfierce: Face is great, and body is interesting.
McKey Sullivan18280 views216 comments11/18/08 at 18:50lolfierce: Her face has a lot to be desired, but the body is ...
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