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Atalya Slater5858 viewsPhoto: Sarah McColgan37 comments11/27/08 at 01:09lolfierce: Yawn. This is booooring.
Anya Kop17127 viewsPhoto: Jim De Yonker171 comments11/27/08 at 01:08lolfierce: I hate this picture, sorry. Fatima's was my fa...
Anya Kop27781 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker244 comments11/27/08 at 01:08lolfierce: Fantastic. She ROCKED this week.
Anya Kop17823 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks81 comments11/27/08 at 01:07lolfierce: Whenever I see this, I think she looks like a bird...
Anya Kop18882 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal80 comments11/27/08 at 01:06lolfierce: Love this. It's like an angel!
Anya Kop17339 viewsPhoto: Russell James64 comments11/27/08 at 01:06lolfierce: This is alright. A bit too awkward (in a bad way) ...
Anya Kop21991 viewsPhoto: Peter Buckingham130 comments11/27/08 at 01:05lolfierce: Very, icon-esque. It's alright, pretty but not...
Anya Kop16544 viewsPhoto: Trevor O'Shana137 comments11/27/08 at 01:05lolfierce: I like the pose, but it doesn't look flatterin...
Anya Kop15097 viewsPhoto: George Holz91 comments11/27/08 at 01:04lolfierce: The face is nice, but the body is too stiff for me...
Anya Kop16275 views60 comments11/27/08 at 01:03lolfierce: Love the makeover, hate this picture.
Anya Kop14126 viewsPhoto: Sarah McColgan68 comments11/27/08 at 01:03lolfierce: This is great! I think Kimberly should've gott...
Amis Jenkins8032 viewsPhoto: Trevor O'Shana68 comments11/22/08 at 22:02lolfierce: Good picture, but her lack of desire was OBVIOUS. ...
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