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Bre Scullark6855 viewsPhoto: Craig de Cristo31 comments05/25/09 at 19:24lolfierce: I thought that the Bre/Nik and Coryn/Sarah were th...
Bre Scullark5433 views28 comments05/25/09 at 19:23lolfierce: Gorgeous! I loved Bre
Katie Cleary6104 viewsPhoto: Barry Hollywood38 comments05/25/09 at 19:23lolfierce: She is stunning, and she has a great body
Giselle Samson6198 viewsPhoto: Barry Hollywood31 comments05/25/09 at 19:21lolfierce: Legs'a million!
Kahlen Rondot11297 viewsPhoto: Johan Wilke62 comments05/25/09 at 19:17lolfierce: I don't see why everyone says she has a 'f...
Kahlen Rondot16552 viewsPhoto: Anton Robert74 comments05/25/09 at 19:16lolfierce: My callout order would've been (on pictures al...
Kahlen Rondot19861 viewsPhoto: Johann Wolf104 comments05/25/09 at 19:14lolfierce: SOOOOOO overrated. I mean, I get it, her friend di...
Norelle Van Herk4058 views16 comments05/25/09 at 19:11lolfierce: As a straight guy, I think she's hot!
Samantha Francis6381 viewsPhoto: Carlos Rios33 comments05/25/09 at 19:09lolfierce: I LOVE how slinky and subtle her body language is....
Felicia Provost7787 viewsPhoto: Joseph Cultice52 comments05/25/09 at 19:07lolfierce: She should've made it overseas. I can see her ...
Felicia Provost5276 views43 comments05/25/09 at 19:06lolfierce: One of my favorite makeovers the show does, the Fe...
Felicia Provost7859 viewsPhoto: Carlos Rios51 comments05/25/09 at 19:05lolfierce: This could be an ad for any sports company (like N...
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