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Leslie Mancia7347 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne45 comments01/01/14 at 21:02glee2911: To me in this pic it's like looking at Nicole...
Leslie Mancia6184 viewsPhoto: Trevor O'Shana50 comments12/15/13 at 17:04Canadagirl1234: This is outrageous. I'm aware it happened yea...
Leslie Mancia7347 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne45 comments12/15/13 at 17:00Canadagirl1234: Obviously this is a good one. What I love about Le...
Leslie Mancia4877 viewsPhoto: Richard Reinsdorf28 comments12/15/13 at 17:00Canadagirl1234: Definitely a men's magazine photo, but I'...
Leslie Mancia2664 viewsPhoto: Jay Lawrence Goldman18 comments12/15/13 at 16:59Canadagirl1234: GORGEOUS!!!! she had the best imo Very Happy
Leslie Mancia2685 views21 comments12/15/13 at 16:58Canadagirl1234: That's the editing love, Leslie as a model wa...
Leslie Mancia9018 viewsPhoto: Thomas Klementsson68 comments12/01/13 at 22:32Canadagirl1234: 5th call out is really insulting for me. I get tha...
Leslie Mancia236 viewsFor: Neiman Marcus1 comments05/20/13 at 22:52aspergersgirlKaty: She is gorgeous
Leslie Mancia375 viewsPhoto: Carmel Samiri1 comments05/17/13 at 04:19aspergersgirlKaty: beautiful
Leslie Mancia400 views2 comments05/17/13 at 04:05aspergersgirlKaty: love her
Leslie Mancia6184 viewsPhoto: Trevor O'Shana50 comments01/05/13 at 23:45DaAceOfSpades: What, she was eliminated for not doing the good da...
Leslie Mancia265 viewsPhoto: Nick Boulton1 comments09/15/12 at 05:57ApprenticeFan: Oh no! Leslie changed her name wrong. It should be...
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