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Gina Choe7011 viewsPhoto: Thomas Klementsson64 comments09/27/17 at 02:44Canadagirl1234: The whole Janice thing was 100% for ratings. I mea...
Gina Choe5474 viewsPhoto: Pascal Demeester33 comments03/11/16 at 00:59ANTMguy: Maybe if she closed her mouth and relaxed her eyes...
Gina Choe7011 viewsPhoto: Thomas Klementsson64 comments03/11/16 at 00:57ANTMguy: Gina did have some potential to get better. Maybe ...
Gina Choe6727 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne56 comments03/11/16 at 00:55ANTMguy: The expression is too generic looking, it looks li...
Gina Choe595 viewsPhoto: David Benoliel1 comments05/24/14 at 00:14shyho: Killer Face in this shot she better keep getting b...
Gina Choe638 viewsPhoto: David Benoliel
For: 360 Magazine, Volume 10
1 comments01/03/14 at 13:12Michaelangelo: this is absolutely beautiful. asia in the mist of ...
Gina Choe3265 viewsFor: T-Mobile10 comments01/02/14 at 00:37Canadagirl1234: Lol I can't with that phone Laughing
Gina Choe905 viewsPhoto: Kristina Horst
For: Jamaque Magazine, Winter 2009/2010 (Vol. 2 No. 2)
5 comments12/24/13 at 18:43Canadagirl1234: Wow, I'm blown away Smile
Gina Choe7011 viewsPhoto: Thomas Klementsson64 comments12/01/13 at 22:23Canadagirl1234: Just because she was timid doesn't mean shes ...
Gina Choe6727 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne56 comments12/01/13 at 22:22Canadagirl1234: Please, if she was really asleep the judges would ...
Gina Choe3700 views30 comments12/01/13 at 22:21Canadagirl1234: It's sad she was never this good in any of he...
Gina Choe5335 viewsPhoto: Richard Reinsdorf36 comments02/12/13 at 07:22ANTMguy: she looks nothing like jaejoong/jackie chan lol
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