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Lisa Jackson1513 views6 comments09/25/17 at 15:06Canadagirl1234: An anime character? Hasn't Lisa been through ...
Lisa Jackson5811 viewsPhoto: Fredric Reshew37 comments04/07/16 at 19:27Jerrrrmaaayyy: Kinda too obvious.
Lisa Jackson11043 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal70 comments04/07/16 at 19:26Jerrrrmaaayyy: Striking! But not exactly Gargoyle...
Lisa Jackson5127 views24 comments04/07/16 at 19:24Jerrrrmaaayyy: The only thing that comes through my mind while se...
Lisa Jackson6550 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith33 comments04/07/16 at 19:22Jerrrrmaaayyy: Work!!!
Lisa Jackson496 viewsFor: Tracy Reese, Spring 20091 comments09/06/14 at 13:59aspergersgirlKaty: Love the dress Smile
Lisa Jackson140 viewsFor: New York and Company1 comments03/27/14 at 16:58GrotesqueDiva: she looks like young Faye Dunaway Shocked
Lisa Jackson802 viewsNew Bella Magazine3 comments12/30/13 at 13:57Canadagirl1234: Lisa, along with Ebony were the most modelesque gi...
Lisa Jackson802 views1 comments11/27/13 at 20:35Canadagirl1234: Lisa why Shocked
Lisa Jackson802 viewsNew Bella Magazine3 comments07/20/13 at 02:35PrettyClerpson: MindBlown
Lisa Jackson802 viewsNew Bella Magazine3 comments07/09/13 at 04:09Majestic: FUCK
Lisa Jackson354 viewsPhoto: Paul Morel Photographer3 comments05/21/13 at 14:56Costaricafashion: Well, ANTM's fuzz is dying so no wonder.
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