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Adrianne Curry618 viewsPhoto: Gea Photography3 comments05/21/13 at 02:03aspergersgirlKaty: Agree with 40sstateofmind
Elyse Sewell285 viewsFor: Yes Style1 comments05/18/13 at 15:18aspergersgirlKaty: love it
Giselle Samson500 viewsPhoto: Timothy Hunold4 comments05/18/13 at 02:59aspergersgirlKaty: it's cute
Shannon Stewart733 viewsPhoto: Ylva Erevall Photography1 comments05/18/13 at 01:10aspergersgirlKaty: love the gloves
Elyse Sewell983 viewsFor: Fashion and Beauty, August 20041 comments05/18/13 at 00:34aspergersgirlKaty: love her hair
Elyse Sewell932 views1 comments05/18/13 at 00:33aspergersgirlKaty: cute
Cycle One Group7125 viewsAdrianne Curry, Robin Manning, Shannon Stewart, Tessa Carlson, Ebony Haith, Katie Cleary, Elyse Sewell, Nicole Panattoni, Kesse Wallace, Giselle Samson22 comments04/21/13 at 15:33iLoveKatarzyna: ^^^lol, wow that's weird now that I notice it...
Shannon Stewart7479 viewsPhoto: Barry Hollywood37 comments03/13/13 at 00:52totitto: I like this pics. I think that is not just look se...
Shannon Stewart7569 viewsPhoto: Douglas Bizarro 35 comments03/13/13 at 00:50totitto: I love the pose, the face is nice no strong
Giselle Samson8049 viewsPhoto: Troy Ward65 comments03/13/13 at 00:48totitto: She looks like Monalisa
Elyse Sewell13509 viewsPhoto: Michel Haddi107 comments03/13/13 at 00:46totitto: I like the shoot actually, considering the french ...
Elyse Sewell1316 viewsFor: Jessica3 comments02/12/13 at 08:15ANTMguy: a ring i think
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