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Tessa Carlson2961 viewsPhoto: Barry Hollywood
For: Stuff
17 comments11/27/13 at 20:25Canadagirl1234: I think the reason why she did this photo, was bec...
Ebony Haith2995 viewsPhoto: Charlie T Photography35 comments11/27/13 at 18:22Canadagirl1234: Tyra where? Miss jay, I can't see you! The on...
Elyse Sewell834 views3 comments11/27/13 at 18:16Canadagirl1234: I'm not really sure what the point of this is...
Robin Manning7001 viewsPhoto: Daniel Garriga48 comments11/24/13 at 20:57Canadagirl1234: This is so awkward oml Laughing I feel bad for the g...
Robin Manning1041 views4 comments11/24/13 at 20:55Canadagirl1234: Robin... who gave you permission to take a good ph...
Giselle Samson9404 viewsPhoto: Daniel Garriga61 comments11/24/13 at 18:59Canadagirl1234: The male model here really isn't adding much ...
Elyse Sewell1036 views5 comments11/24/13 at 18:58Canadagirl1234: I don't think I've ever related more to ...
Shannon Stewart1291 viewsFor: Macy's4 comments11/10/13 at 18:47ruak07: ^ Fixed. Thank you!
Shannon Stewart1291 viewsFor: Macy's4 comments11/10/13 at 16:34rnbwdrm: This should be under Shannon, not Shandi
Shannon Stewart7479 viewsPhoto: Barry Hollywood37 comments09/20/13 at 00:22sugar_n_spice: Look at her armpits! Why does she appear to have b...
Ebony Haith945 viewsPhoto: Jamila Pierre
For: Height Magazine, November 2011
1 comments09/19/13 at 14:39Michaelangelo: gorgeous. im pulling for ebony
Tessa Carlson6696 viewsPhoto: Douglas Bizarro48 comments07/22/13 at 21:40MaritoCycle1: Me gusta Tessa Very Happy
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