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Raina Hein8134 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams90 comments05/24/18 at 22:10puppielove: This to me is the most believable because it looks...
Krista White8685 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams99 comments05/24/18 at 22:09puppielove: It’s overrated. It’s like a stereotype of high...
Krista White9297 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker138 comments05/24/18 at 22:08puppielove: She looks so old in this
Gabrielle Kniery925 views5 comments09/27/17 at 02:51Canadagirl1234: She barely even looks human here, and not in a goo...
Jessica Serfaty8042 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards94 comments09/26/17 at 15:32Canadagirl1234: I think the fabric makes up for that horrendous bl...
Gabrielle Kniery282 viewsPhoto: Michael Webber
For: Elegant Magazine, August 2017
1 comments09/25/17 at 03:56Canadagirl1234: Wow this is really scary honestly, this is for sur...
Angelea Preston347 viewsPhoto: Good Knews Photography1 comments04/28/17 at 20:36mrgagakhan: WTF?
Alasia Ballard8189 viewsPhoto: Sarah Silver134 comments05/22/16 at 22:52Jerrrrmaaayyy: Love The Twilight-vibe it's giving.
Brenda Arens6961 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion81 comments05/01/16 at 13:20Jerrrrmaaayyy: The only shot of hers i actually liked.
Alasia Ballard220 viewsPhoto: Drexina Nelson
For: Olive Miracle
1 comments11/16/15 at 13:16anthonyboii :]: alasia had some good HUR
Jessica Serfaty 209 viewsFor: Knitting for a Cure1 comments10/17/15 at 13:17jericho: I feel like this girl has made a ton of money with...
Anslee Payne-Franklin4729 views72 comments09/18/15 at 19:36chris: I love this shot! Easily better than Alex & Angele...
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