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Aminat Ayinde1338 viewsPhoto: Derrick Photography18 comments09/25/17 at 15:17Canadagirl1234: This is like one of those pharamacy ads you might ...
Cycle Twelve Group9215 viewsSandra Nyanchoka, Celia Ammerman

Photo: Mike Rosenthal
92 comments09/25/17 at 15:15Canadagirl1234: This is just a knockout for me. How nice that my t...
London Levi10282 viewsPhoto: Keith Major158 comments09/07/17 at 03:21Canadagirl1234: London and Sandra must have pissed of Sutan/Raja a...
Aminat Ayinde238 viewsPhoto: Justin Ifill-Forbes Photography1 comments09/04/17 at 00:21Canadagirl1234: Even though there is so much wrong with this photo...
Sandra Nyanchoka1385 viewsPhoto: Beverli A. Photography6 comments09/03/17 at 00:33Canadagirl1234: That wig belongs in the trash along with the wig A...
Aminat Ayinde192 viewsPhoto: Alexa Singer
For: Balanced Life Magazine South Africa, August 2017
1 comments08/03/17 at 01:18Canadagirl1234: Looks great!
Allison Harvard219 viewsPhoto: Danin Jacquay Photo1 comments07/01/17 at 17:14mrgagakhan: PENIS?
Fo Porter185 viewsPhoto: Lance Gerber Studio
For: Desert Sun Magazine, March 2017
1 comments03/21/17 at 22:00mrgagakhan: its fo!!!
Sandra Nyanchoka239 viewsFor: Outre Hair1 comments05/12/16 at 20:06edsaq: Smile
Isabella Falk196 viewsFor: Derriere de Soie1 comments04/16/16 at 23:58ANTMguy: She looks like Marjorie from C11, before her makeo...
Allison Harvard38192 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks297 comments04/14/16 at 20:14gaser: Smile
Fo Porter14955 viewsPhoto: Keith Major225 comments03/21/16 at 15:28Jerrrrmaaayyy: Chic. All i have to say.
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