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Clark Gilmer9989 viewsPhoto: Russell James89 comments09/04/17 at 01:49Canadagirl1234: I really don't think they kept Clark around s...
Clark Gilmer683 viewsPhoto: Jose Amigo7 comments09/04/17 at 01:45Canadagirl1234: Did she take this in a bathroom? Laughing
Clark Gilmer1075 viewsPhoto: Jose Amigo10 comments09/04/17 at 01:45Canadagirl1234: Porn? I don't think I'd go that far.... ...
Clark Gilmer662 viewsPhoto: Jose Amigo2 comments09/04/17 at 01:43Canadagirl1234: Ouch, not a good angle for Clark.
Clark Gilmer933 views10 comments09/04/17 at 01:42Canadagirl1234: Gosh this is so stunning, I can't believe you...
Clark Gilmer9989 viewsPhoto: Russell James89 comments04/30/17 at 11:16shyho: Not stunning at all she is only their because she ...
Clark Gilmer4287 viewsFor: Garnet & Black Magazine, Holiday 200825 comments10/05/15 at 21:49Canadagirl1234: Okay but why does she look like Gia from Dance Mom...
Clark Gilmer170 viewsPhoto: Jenn Hoffman1 comments03/08/14 at 18:42iLoveKatarzyna: This is really pretty. I absolutely LOVEEEE her ha...
Clark Gilmer155 viewsPhoto: Ron Derhacopian1 comments03/08/14 at 18:40iLoveKatarzyna: She has really pretty eye(s).
Clark Gilmer5464 views80 comments01/05/14 at 23:45Canadagirl1234: Ann Shocket? Don't do Clark like that Laughing
Clark Gilmer10915 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards138 comments01/01/14 at 23:22Canadagirl1234: Am I the only one who loves this? Confused
Clark Gilmer972 viewsPhoto: Jose Amigo8 comments12/02/13 at 20:26Canadagirl1234: Reminds me of that one girl who got killed first i...
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