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Camille McDonald 525 viewsFor: Nicka K New York1 comments10/25/17 at 19:25mrgagakhan: wtf???
Camille McDonald272 viewsPhoto: Derek White Photography1 comments04/16/16 at 23:00ANTMguy: I thought it was Nicki Minaj in the thumbnail LOL
Camille McDonald861 viewsPhoto: Robert Manella
For: Ocean Style Magazine
6 comments10/05/15 at 21:52Canadagirl1234: Love this and her
Camille McDonald6610 viewsPhoto: George Holz28 comments12/30/13 at 00:04Canadagirl1234: She's floating like a butterfly while stingin...
Camille McDonald7080 viewsPhoto: Andrew Eccles36 comments12/26/13 at 16:55Canadagirl1234: I'm blown away by this. I think her, Xiomara,...
Camille McDonald2605 views18 comments12/01/13 at 21:35Canadagirl1234: Omg this is hilarious Laughing
Camille McDonald936 views16 comments12/01/13 at 18:34Canadagirl1234: I laughed so hard at this you guys have no idea :...
Camille McDonald6610 viewsPhoto: George Holz28 comments06/19/13 at 02:29amberloveee: I feel this is just far too much attitude for this...
Camille McDonald936 views16 comments12/23/12 at 02:08ANTMguy: doesnt look like her!!
Camille McDonald682 views5 comments07/28/12 at 07:24Selumt0: Everytime I look at this photo it always reminds m...
Camille McDonald387 viewsPhoto: Ajani Truth1 comments07/21/12 at 00:19BryanJanDavis: This is really kinda stunning, in a more recording...
Camille McDonald614 views4 comments07/21/12 at 00:17BryanJanDavis: That doesn't look like a real dog from here. ...
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