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Whitney Thompson1987 viewsFor: Silhouettes5 comments12/21/13 at 22:09Canadagirl1234: I can't Laughing
Claire Unabia6892 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal61 comments12/21/13 at 10:37Canadagirl1234: The way she jumped for joy last panel when Aimee w...
Lauren Utter8537 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal56 comments12/21/13 at 10:35Canadagirl1234: Blahhh Claire vs Lauren. I'd send both home a...
Dominique Reighard335 viewsPhoto: A. Park Photography
For: Mahogany Vogue Magazine, September/October 2012
6 comments12/21/13 at 10:26Canadagirl1234: Yes Dom get it girl <3
Anya Kop379 viewsFor: Tracy Reese3 comments12/20/13 at 09:49Canadagirl1234: ^ I see it too Smile
Whitney Thompson783 viewsFor: Animal Fair Magazine14 comments12/20/13 at 09:37Canadagirl1234: Rolling Eyes
Whitney Thompson1455 views8 comments12/18/13 at 21:40Canadagirl1234: Lingerie? Where? I'm only seeing a very const...
Whitney Thompson1538 views6 comments12/18/13 at 21:40Canadagirl1234: I can't lie, I like it; even though I hate Wh...
Whitney Thompson10431 views72 comments12/16/13 at 23:54Canadagirl1234: Oh yes I remember when ripped jeans were a thing ...
Fatima Siad310 viewsFor: Marshalls2 comments12/15/13 at 19:43Canadagirl1234: LOL!!!!
Fatima Siad318 viewsFor: Marshalls1 comments12/15/13 at 19:42Canadagirl1234: Lol, looked like a wizard in the thumbnail Laughing ...
Fatima Siad311 viewsFor: Marshalls2 comments12/15/13 at 19:42Canadagirl1234: Oh god, no she does not! You need to lose that way...
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