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Kathleen DuJour771 views4 comments11/16/19 at 17:24Canadagirl1234: The early 2000s just jumped out and smacked me in ...
Natasha Galkina13211 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks54 comments05/25/18 at 10:18puppielove: I love it. It looks like a Calvin Klein ad
Renee Alway12174 viewsPhoto: Jim De Yonker152 comments05/25/18 at 10:17puppielove: Pretty but she looks old
Kathleen DuJour846 viewsPhoto: SK Photos3 comments09/27/17 at 03:01Canadagirl1234: Ew, ew and ew. Don't compare those rejects to...
Kathleen DuJour1135 viewsPhoto: SK Photos4 comments09/27/17 at 02:57Canadagirl1234: Supermodel with an attitude, I love it! Razz
Kathleen DuJour762 views3 comments09/27/17 at 02:56Canadagirl1234: The outfit belongs in the trash along with the cyc...
Kathleen DuJour758 views6 comments09/27/17 at 02:54Canadagirl1234: I actually kind of love this, I don't underst...
Cycle Eight Group4781 viewsSamantha Francis, Whitney Cunningham

Photo: Nigel Barker
27 comments08/04/17 at 03:19Canadagirl1234: Lol this photo is so awkward XD if I just randomly...
Cycle Eight Group4781 viewsSamantha Francis, Whitney Cunningham

Photo: Nigel Barker
27 comments05/09/17 at 14:59shyho: I love whitneys hands in the shot, but Samantha is...
Jael Strauss8130 viewsPhoto: Kareem Black43 comments09/11/16 at 16:11ANTMguy: I feel sad looking at her photos. She used to look...
Whitney Cunningham5679 viewsPhoto: Kareem Black52 comments08/13/16 at 02:41ANTMguy: Seriously? What was this un-modelesque girl thing ...
Felicia Provost7820 viewsPhoto: Carlos Rios51 comments06/26/16 at 17:51Jerrrrmaaayyy: She was actually quite good.
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