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Kim Stolz6498 viewsPhoto: Michael Ruiz30 comments03/22/16 at 10:03Jerrrrmaaayyy: Dreadful.
Kim Stolz7733 viewsPhoto: Nick Maroudias22 comments11/05/15 at 19:09Canadagirl1234: Again I ask, WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE SEEING?! This is ...
Kim Stolz3760 views14 comments07/06/14 at 18:30shyho: I really like her look she is cute and edgy she st...
Kim Stolz3584 views15 comments07/06/14 at 18:29shyho: she is giving a wittle cute look
Kim Stolz335 viewsFor: Unfriending my Ex: and other things I'll never do
By Kim Stolz
1 comments06/11/14 at 03:19cycle2_forever: yesss KIM's book
Kim Stolz866 viewsFor: Chris Benz Collection, Fall/Winter 20075 comments12/28/13 at 15:41Canadagirl1234: Burn that dress along with Sarah's innocence ...
Kim Stolz8929 viewsPhoto: Nadia Pandolfo44 comments12/27/13 at 23:28Canadagirl1234: Her head looks like its about to pop off here Confused...
Kim Stolz1477 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker
For: Cover, April 2007
7 comments05/18/13 at 02:05aspergersgirlKaty: love the top
Kim Stolz1137 views2 comments03/17/13 at 12:01aspergersgirlKaty: AGREED
Kim Stolz1939 viewsPhoto: Pete Thompson7 comments09/19/12 at 21:03antmgenuine: yuck.
Kim Stolz7733 viewsPhoto: Nick Maroudias22 comments07/20/12 at 19:09NikkySan: Her body looks soooooo masculine here. It's l...
Kim Stolz6378 viewsPhoto: Janice Dickinson24 comments07/18/12 at 01:57NikkySan: Booooorrrrrriiiiingngggg. Definitely the worst.
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